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Kickstart with driver disk?

I'm attempting to automate a Kickstart install for RedHat 6.2, but the
target boxes (Dell 2400-series) use PERC RAID controllers, for which
only a driver disk is provided.  The "driverdisk" command isn't a lot of
use, as it requires the drivers to already be installed on a physical
partition (isn't that what kickstart is supposed to do?).

What I attempted to do is modify modules.cgz in initrd.img, as described
in the docs, to include the appropriate percraid.o in the appropriate
location (2.2.14-6.1.1BOOT/).  Debug messages indicate that there's an
"indication" of percraid found, which I read to say that I've done
modules.cgz properly, but when the module is loaded I get "Error -2
reading header: Success".

A manual install using the driver disk works flawlessly; what's going
wrong here?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Peter Janes
QA Specialist, Liberate Technologies Canada Ltd.
<peterj liberate com>
org:Liberate Technologies Canada, Ltd.;Quality Assurance
adr:;;906-150 Dufferin Avenue;London;ON;N6A 5N6;Canada
email;internet:peterj liberate com
title:QA Specialist
fn:Peter Janes

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