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Re: Nothing works - Apache doesn't work in 6.2

> Perhaps it is a communication problem. I only said that -and I was being 
> a little bit ironic- because I think that the idea of the need of buying 
> a RH license before being able to post a bug it is not compatible with 
> the idea of Open Source software development. Anyway, you could be in the 
> situation that you didn't buy the RH distribution but downloaded from the 
> web. And then aren't you allowed to post any bug? I don't think so...

More likely I was being too literal in my reading, I wasnt prepared to
switch gears for irony here, on other more technical lists I need to
be on guard for dripping sarcasm and layered irony. Here I usually
expect help cries.
But you are exactly right, it is illogical from an Open Source 
perspective to deny help based on purchase/non-purchase condsiderations.
For that we have Microsoft. Another reason I hang out on this list is
to contribute back for all the help I received when I started out.

The example of this Apache config problem is valid. All my research
indicates there is a possible bug in how Apache reads and doesnt read
the config files. The original assertion is that any access directive
in httpd.conf overrides anything in access.conf. But that doesnt seem
to be the case. When I removed access.conf from a test server the
alias directive for /doc /usr/doc seems not to work. Even though in theory
it should. After that it becomes an issue of weither or not this is a
RedHat implementation issue or something that needs to be addressed
by the Apache group. (they also use bugzilla).

Personally I would allow external users access to /user/doc and the
file:/usr/doc works just fine under a localhost situation simply because
local users have access to that directory anyway. That however doesnt
address the issue of why/why not.

> Yes, this is clear. Of course it doesn't help you nor the software 
> distributors if at the very first problem you start sending bug reports!
True, that's why I suggested it as a last course. More then likely I will
do some more research and submit the bug myself either with Apach or
RedHat. After all, I know that I can. <grin>


P.S. So your mail server is a .de, where are you?

"Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy." Adam Carrola

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