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large raid and dell systems

     Hi everyone, I am trying to purchase a large LINUX system from Dell
 I have ran into a problem that I hope someone can help me with.
Most card cages (Dell's) included will not handle more than 6  1.6" drives
due to space limitations.  the 1.6" are 32gb or larger.
I tried to purchase a external add on drive cage to accommodate more drives
but Dell seems to think that this will not work.
Following is  the problem, as was discussed internally with DELL .. is this
bogus or true?
Also Im not sure what Release they were talking about as I do not have any
dates on this correspondence..
I hate to spend this kind of money and not have it work ...
thanks in advance all.....

                    I am getting a validator error with the
PE4400 with a "Drive Cage" and Linux no matter
                    if I am using a second channel on the raid
controller or scsi on the cage.  Is there an issue
                    with Linux or Dell mfg or is this bogus?

                    See Quote #:  42098594.

                                The error is due to a
restriction placed against Linux and the Cage. The way the Linux OS
initializes, it does not recognize the multimedia bay
                                drives. I do not have an updated
status on this but as I recall, it was contigent on the next release of
Linux. I am calling my development contact
                                now and will update ASAP.


                                Does this also mean that Linux will
not recognize external storage like the PV200s on a seperate raid/scsi
channel or is it just the media cage?

                    I just spoke to the development engineer and
found out that there is a 50/50 chance that the media bay will be
recognizable by Linux in the next release which is scheduled for the August
/ September time frame. Red Hat owns this corrective action and is working
it. As far as the external storage, it wll work fine. The issue is with the
embedded controller being "split" and Linux can not hack it. A separate
controller works fine.


                                  If I am understanding this correctly.
The restriction is due to the controller being split. In this paticular
quote.  The backplane is connected to an add-
                                  in Perc2/DC and the cage is connected
to scsi controllers. Shouldn't that work if the cage is connected to dual
scsi or a single scsi port?

>                                    Linux will not work with any
> configuration that requires drives in the media bay. It has to do with
> way Linux initializes and "polls" the controllers.
                                   The way the mother boards are configured
with the embedded controllers, Linux errors and will not recover. It is all
quite confusing but it is an
                                   unfortunate fact that we will have to
deal with until it is resolved by Red Hat and the Linux OS. The fact that
you have add on controllers really will not
                                   make any difference as it is an issue
during initialization of the OS.

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