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Re: Windows98 and linux on one large disk

"Riddle, Eddie R." wrote:
> When installing a dual boot system on a large disk (20Gb), (how) can one
> sandwich linux between DOS partitions?  That is ...
> 1. Windows98 is installed first in the "under the 1024 cylinder limit", say
> the first 450Mb, (I used the DOS fdisk to partition),
> 2. linux is installed in partitions in the next 10Gb, (I used  druid to make
> the linux partitions),
> 3. and then it is desired to have another partition to be accessible by
> Windows (fat32) for general workspace.
> I've installed Windows98 within the first 450Mb.  Then I installed linux,
> using the next 10Gb.  I used 8 partitions here.  The dual boot with LILO
> works.  If I use DOS fdisk, it indicates that the extended partion is full,
> consuming 19+Gb.

use fdisk in linux to create a FAT32 partition.
Then boot Windows and format it there.

Fro more complete help, post the
output from 'fdisk -l'


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