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RE: Trouble installing NIC...

On 25-May-00 Jordan Melville opined:
> I'm having trouble installing an Intel Etherexpress Pro/10 ISA NIC in a 
> P133 box with RedHat 6.1. The install initially goes fine, but does not 
> auto detect the NIC (which I think is okay). I then go into LinuixConf (I
> think that's what it was) in Gnome and tell it the IP, GW, Subnetmask, 
> computer name, etc. I tell it use eepro.o for the NIC. I didn't set the 
> base io or IRQ as it said optional for those (but I think it may be part
> of 
> the problem).
> When I boot it all works fine until it tries to initialise eth0 where the
> system halts. (no FAILED message, just stops doing anything there)
> Any ideas?

Try supplying an IRQ or IO and see what happens.

Mine is in a plug'n'pray port (ne2k clone). I give it the IRQ and it works.
I've also had to tell it to use the ne.o module because it doesn't want to
accept the module for PCI, a running problem that has only worked right a
couple of times in over a year.

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may work.

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