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Re: Lost Linux

"Peter van Alphen (ETM)" wrote:
> Hello,
> Proberly a basic question, but i can not find the answer to it.
> I reinstalled Windows98 on my Linux Redhat 6.0 PC. This PC used LILO to boot. As you guess i lost LILO. I do not have a rescue disk. I try to create one with rawrite and rescue.img, but when i reboot the PC with the rescue.img disk into the floppy drive, the PC halts on the moment that the OS should be loaded. Does somebody have a clue to fix this?
> Kind regards,
> Peter van Alphen
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Hi Peter

Unlike Linux, windows is very stubbon when it come to sharing the MBR. 
So when you reinstalled windows, it overwrote the MBR, therefore wipping
LILO out.  You can try to restore it with the command fdisk /MBR.  

Or if you have a boot disk, use it to start the system, login as root
and type lilo to reinstall LILO.  Check your /etc/lilo.conf to make sure
your windows partition is still there.

No boot disk,  boot from the install floppy or cdrom - at the prompt
type linux single root=/dev/hdxx initrd=

Replace the hdxx with the partition that holds your linux root partion. 
If you are able to start the system from harddrive, your need to run
lilo to reinstall LILO to the MBR.

good luck, and always make a boot disk


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