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force alternate driver for AM53C974?

Hi, all.  I have an old Compaq DeskPro 590 on which I've tried to install
Linux several times, always with similar results.  The box has a SCSI bus which
the RedHat install identifies as an AM53C974; all appears to go well, the
installation begins without trouble, but whenever the disk is accessed I get
this log line:

target 0: rate=10.0 Mhz, synchronous, sync offset=15 bytes

...followed by a blank line.  This not only fills up /var eventually, but
also slows down the system as each drive access produces several log lines,
which produce drive access, lather, rinse, repeat.  Under 6.2, I haven't even
been able to complete a minimal installation; sooner or later, I get a bus
reset (termination on signal 7) and have to start over.

All the line means is that the device has been successfully detected; it should
only appear when the module loads the first time.

I did a search for the AM53C974 and found it referenced on the web page for
Kurt Garloff's DC390 driver.  I contacted Kurt; he suggested that his driver
would probably be a better choice than the one that the RedHat installer is
actually loading, but neither of us knew how to make the install process use
his driver over the one it's using now, assuming that's even possible.

Are there arguments I can pass to LILO for this, or is there something else I
can do in order to make the installer use the DC390 driver?  Or, has anyone
else encountered this problem and gotten around it?  I've found one or two
references to something like this in the list archives, but no solution.


Michael Jinks, IB
Systems Administrator, Chicago Center for Computational Psychology
finger mjinks embley spc uchicago edu for public key
A guiding voice for all humanity: http://www.yellow5.com/pokey/

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