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Re: Newbie cant get Linux 6 to recognize Etherlink III

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Birl wrote:
> First time on here.  I installed Linux 6.1 on an i686 with 64 Mb, after freeing
> it from its NT 4.0 chains.  This machine has a Etherlink III card in it (which
> worked fine under NT).  During a LILO boot it mentions that initializing eth0
> fails.  I am assuming that since it failed, ifconfig eth0 up, wont work.
> Im not a hardware person, so I dont know much.  But what can anyone tell me 
> about this?  I'll be happy to supply more information if need be.

I don't remember what the card number is for Etherlink III (I think it is
the 3c905).  If it is then this is what you want:

conf.modules =
alias eth0 3c59x

Also the I believe 3com has a driver posted on their website, but I don't
have the URL.


David L. Martin        <dlmarti home com>
R&D Software Engineer
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