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Re: ASUS K7-V Athlon sound

Mick Mearns wrote:
> Hello list;
>           I have installed RH6.2 on a ASUS K7-V Athlon motherboard. This has
> on-board sound. It uses the VIA 82C686 (Apollo Super AC97) sound chip. This is
> a dual-boot system W98SE/RH6.2. Everything works under W98.
>    I get 'Failed' when the system tries to 'insmod 82Cxxx'. I recompiled the
> kernel and was not allowed to make this non-modular.

What kernel?
Check the release notes for 2.2.1x for info on the 82c686 sound
driver.  Also check www.alsa-project.org for support.
If you don't mind spending money, also check www.opensound.com

>    I chose PIII as the cpu, and turned on all the boxes for it. The kernel
> works but no sound.
>   Is there an 'Athlon' kernel? if not how should I configure it?

The 2.3 series has som Athlon optimizations.

Personally, I just buy a well supported sound card
instead of using the integrated one.

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