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Maxtor 40GB


Im having troubles installing Red Hat 6.0 in my Maxtor 40GB hard drive.
I dont know what is happening. I want to use it togheter with Win98,
wich must be installed on the first partition, and share some files
between the two. Because Win cannot see a Linux partition, this must be
a Win one.

I left 7GB for Win, so the Linux boot partition could start before the
1024th cylinder. I dont want a big root partition, so I made it with
700MB and would make a bigger /usr partition. Then came the swap space,
with about 130MB. These were 3 primary partitions, and that left me
only one more for the /usr and the shared partitions, wich I tried to
create as logical partitions inside an extended one.

But whenever I create an extended partition, the Linux fdisk stops
working and says it cant read from hda and I cannot continue with the
instalation. I tried to do it in another way, too. I went to Win and
used Partition Magic to create the root partition, this time with
2.5GB, and the swap space, again 130MB. And left the rest of the disk
unused. Now I was able to install Linux, and it was working good. But
then I went back to PM and tried again to make an extended partition.
When booting Linux again, it gave some error messages and I found out
that the partition was corrupted, and even fdisk said it could not read

I checked the BIOS and figured out it had recognized only 32GB from my
drive. I updated the BIOS and now it detects correctly the 40GB and did
it all again, but the problems are just the same. Anyone has an idea?

My system configuration is:

AMD Athlon 700MHz
Motherboard MSI MS-6191 (with updated BIOS)
HD Maxtor 40GB Model 94098U8 FA500S60 - CHS: 16383/16/63
    (detected by the BIOS, with LBA enabled: 4982/255/63)
Video ATI Xpert2000 32MB with Rage 128 Pro chipset
    (wich also works only with 256 colors, but this is another problem)

Thank you for your attention.

Felipe Ghellar.

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