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Re: ASUS K7-V Athlon sound

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Mick Mearns wrote:

> Hello;
>     I planned to purchase the K7M but they ( infotechnow.com  - up the street 
> 14 miles from  me ) were out of stock, but had the K7V for about $14 more.
> Saturday afternoonn- they are closed on Sunday.  This also saves a PCI slot of
> course, so I went for it. I know that this is a new MB and drivers probably are
> not out yet. 
>     I will try a SB Live. 

ok...but IIRC there is a option available in the bios to turn off the on
board sound support., which you must do if you install a addon sound
card...so you might want to read the motherbaord manual about that
option...and congratulations...you have bought a good motherboard....My
athlon 500 mhx + Asus K7M is a beauty and you are in for a treat with your

Best Wishes,


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