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Re: NT OS Loader + Linux = how?

Frank Carreiro wrote:
> Interesting... How do you put lilo before the NT loader?

Looks I'd better go to write another NT-LILO-howto on my own :-))

Well, I don't know if it is normal process or not, but I always tried to
install NT first. Because NT's installation never talks about the
location where it puts NT's boot loader (at least, it never told *me*
about), it always ends up within the MBR. So far - so good.

After this, I install Linux and when it asks where to put LILO, I tell
it to put into MBR. After the next re-boot, you can start Linux using
LILO (but, not to start NT anymore). Well, now you edit /etc/lilo.conf
or just use linuxconf or else configuration tool, where you can add an
'nt' entry.

After the next re-boot, if you are lucky, you have LILO at first with an
'nt' option as well. If you choose 'nt' you should go to the usual NT's

> I think that's what I did... a custom install.  I hate having them
> decide for me what I should be running ::grinz::

Yep, I made a custom install on the IDE disk without problems. But on
rhe SCSI disks I haven't managed that. So, I decided to try a Gnome
Workstation and I made it. Now I think of reinstalling the whole custom
(Gnome, KDE, Server etc) over the Gnome, but wonder if it would work?

> It's the tomsrtbt disk and it works great.  I recommend it.  The guy did
> a great job...

Btw, the gnome workstation install didn't asked me to make a boot floppy
either. I remember that a custom did. So that's another reason to
re-install the whole stuff :-)


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