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Re: General Linux Questions

> 1) The PC is not Y2K compliant. Will this cause a problem? If I boot up
> the year in the bios gets set to 2094. The bios can not be upgraded. I
> have a few options here. I can either go into the bios manually each
> time and fix the time or I can set the year to 1999 or earlier. Will
> either of these cause a problem for Linux? On my initial install I left
> the date at 2094 which may be causing some of my problems.

Try it set your date to:

2000 - <# of years you plan to use the box>

So, if you plan on 2 years then set it to May 28, 1998.  Maybe one year
back if you feel you need to.  The only issue is with the dates on files
and the use of time with applications.  As long as you're OK with the
wrong dates, I can't see what the harm is.

> 2) When I tried to get the video card set up the automatic detection
> would  only allow me to configure 480x640 resolution which is near
> useless. The monitor is a generic Super VGA monitor. The video card has
> 2MB of RAM. When I had Win98 installed the card was capable of 1024x768
> easily. Even with the Super VGA monitor I was able to set the
> resolution to 800x600.

Hummm . . . this is a good one.  You may have to read the HOWTO and see if
you can set the video up by hand.  Can you upgrade the RAM to 4MB?

> 3) During initial installation things seemed to install correctly. I
> logged in as root and set up some accounts and then tried to install
> the sound card using /usr/sbin/sndconfig. But when I ran that program
> noting happens except for a text window popping up for a second or so.

Sorry, I've no experience here.

> 4) When I log off the machine seems to hangup. The screen goes blank
> and absolutly nothing happens. I have to hard reboot the machine to
> get it to respond.

Are you sure you're just logging out and not shutting down?  It sounds
like a shutdown was done.

Hope this helps.


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