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RE: General Linux Questions

1.) How do you know the BIOS cant be upgraded. Check with www.unicore.com?

I definitely checked and the bios can not be upgraded without a chip change. Well that is what I assume when the site I checked said no update available please contact them for more information.

2.) If you set the time, it should stay set, otherwise it just needs
a CMOS battery.

The time is correct it is just the date that is messed up. I think I will set the date to 1996 and re-intall. I don't mind a wrong year for now but unfortunately I can not set the date before 1996 so the day of the week will be off as well.

3.) Linux is Y2K compliant, your motherboard isnt. All *nixs use
a 32 bit field for the date. *nixs wont have a problem until the
year 2038 and by then they will have switched to a 64 bit field.

4.)Logging off is not the same as shutdown or reboot (run as root).
The screen is automatically invoked after about 5 mins.

I waited over 30 minutes and the screen never came back. I will se what happens when I re-install. I have a spare video card so I may try and use that one instead.

5.) Video screen resolution/sound are only barriers to using a
a GUI interface. 90% of what learning Linux is about is the
command line interface. You know like that DOS prompt.

I think I should be able to get used to working in the command line interface since I am comfortable using unix from a command propmt. From what I have seen so far they are quite similar.


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