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Well, there are a couple of things I did not liked from the Deluxe boxed
set I got:

1. HOWTOs are not present on the main installation disk. I think at least
the English version should be there.

2. There is no printed package guide anymore. Not from the main disk of from
the Powertools.


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> De: leonardjo hetnet nl [mailto:leonardjo hetnet nl]
> Enviado el: Domingo, 28 de Mayo de 2000 03:54 p.m.
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> Asunto: HOWTO?
> 		Hi all!
>  Question for the people at RedHat: I was wondering, why has the howto
>  package
> dissappeared from the CD in release 6.2? I can imagine
> there's not enough
> place for howto's in all languages on the (first) CD, but
> please put back
> in the english howto in the next release.
>  Tip for people who never used Linux or RedHat before release 6.2: Get
> yourself the howto-6.#-#.noarch.rpm from 6.1 or 6.0 from
> ftp.redhat.com or
> a mirror site (find mirrors at www.redhat.com/mirrors.html).
> It contains a
> LOT of usefull information and it might just answer your question.
> 				CU,
> 				Leonard.
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