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Redhat 6.2 and Compaq Presario 5170?


so far I've not been to succesfull when trying to install linux on my 
home computer. I still haven't tried the Red Hat 6.2 distribution though...

My experiences so far can be summarized as follows:
- first of all, my graphics card wasn't supported so I couldn't run GUI 
- secondly, when skipping the GUI interface and installing the "hard 
way", after choosing which rpm's to be installed the system wrote: " 
Dubug_stop called, please reboot" and nothing else... when trying to 
extract them.

Well, by now I have given up trying to install that particular linux 
distrubution... I'm up for giving Red Hat a chance!

My question is if anyone has installed Red Hat 6.2 on the Compaq Presario 
5170 system (or similar Compaq system). Here follows a short summary of 
my system: PII, 350 Mhz, Windows 98, ~6 GB harddisk, 192 MB RAM, ATI RAGE 
LT PRO AGP 2X graphics chipset.

I'd be very happy if anyone could help me out with tips etc.



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