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Re: mpg123 decoding

On Mon, May 29, 2000 at 11:53:08PM -0400, Art Ross wrote:
> I've been working with gRigEnc and bladeenc to rip and create MP3's from
> the different tracks.  Now I'm trying to develop the expertise to take
> downloaded MP3's and decode them and burn them onto a audio CD.
>   I'm working with RH6.2 and have RH6.2 Powertools on another CD so I
> have installed both mpg123 and cdrecord.  Is there a method by which I
> could use mpg123 and pipe the decoded output to the cdrecord
> application?  Or is it better to create a decoded output from the mpg123
> app then start cdrecord and select a list of decoded music files that I
> want to burn to a ROM?

Consult the CD Writing How-to. It shows you how to do this. Red Hat has a link off of their homepage for their mirror of the ldp. You can find the how-to there.


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