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Re: How do I enable UDMA automatically

On Mon, 29 May 2000, Joe Cooper wrote:

> I'm glad I could help.

Thanks I really appreciate it..

> I found this problem exists with my Via MVP4 UDMA66 onboard controllers
> and certain drives (Seagate Barracuda and Quantum), whereas Maxtor and
> IBM drives work fine.  

Yes I think this is the Crux of the matter...My setup is  a 13GB Quantum
Fireball, and the mother board is a K7M which uses the VIA VT82C686A

>The problem drives work fine on a Promise
> controller in DMA mode, but not on the Via.  It's a shame, too, because
> both are faster than the Maxtors for my purposes (web caching).

Yes..the VIA setup with a Quantum really is fast...
> But in my case...DMA will eventually turn itself off again anyway, even
> if you turn it on with hdparm.  If you're using UDMA66 controllers and
> drives, you may be seeing the same bug.  So far there is no cure for
> it.  As long as you don't put a strain on the drive it won't turn DMA
> mode off...but as soon as you push it for a few seconds, it turns off.

Well I tested this out by running fairly disk intensive apps like "find
/" and gcc on the kernel source at the same time, bit the dma did not turn
off...I guess that the bug may not be there with my setup...I hope...

Best Wishes,

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