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SV: SV: Unable to install - black screen

Thanks! What you wrote does make a lot of sense. At least now I understand
what is going on, and I have started backing things up!!
I guess I was under the impression that Linux had a hard time dealing with
PCI card (for example, pci modems), but this of course would not necessarily
include PCI graphic cards.
Yes, there are places where we can test hardware here in Denmark, but they
are rather expensive, so I will try to find someone who has a computer with
an AGP slot, that way I can see if the problem is the card or the slot. I
sure hope it's the card!
The place where I usually buy computer parts doesn't have Trident Graphic
cards. They do however have the Matrox Millenium G200 PCI graphic card - I
believe that is one of the cards that does work right off with Linux. I may
also actually have someone I know go to Frys (in California) and buy a card
for me - it would probably be cheaper (even with postage!) than buying it
here in Denmark!

Thanks for your help, cross your fingers it's the card and not the slot on
the MB!

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Fra: Henri J. Schlereth [mailto:henris bga com]
Sendt: 31. maj 2000 00:02
Til: lorentz cphling dk
Emne: Re: SV: Unable to install - black screen

> Thanks for your help. I didn't realize that I could lose a video mode like
> that. I figured that if the graphics were completely normal when in
> then the problem couldn't be the graphic card but rather some strange
> software problem. Learn something new every day!

Ahh,but the vidoe mode in windows is a switched mode from the
default 80x25 or 300x128 startup modes, and that one is broken.

The reason I knew it wasnt a software problem was because you were
not seeing the bootup/bios screen which is hardware driven. The
reason I suggest moving slots because the card could be good but
the slot on the MB could have gone bad. This still could be a

Since you are in Danemark, I can only make suggestions based on
here in America ( I am from Duetschland originally). We have
small computer stores that test hardware for a fee. If you something
like that have the video card tested first. If it is truely dead
then you can consider buying a new card. If it isnt then you have
pssibly worse problems (Motherboard/slot).

If the card is good you wont have spent money on another video card
and can save up for a MB or MB repair.i Or use a non-AGP card.
The problem is that if it is the MB/slot sooner or later it
will degrade more and fully fail. You have to make frequent
backups of your data faithfully for the day when it dies.

I am using a 4MB Trident 3DImage 9750 PCI. I dont know which moment
you are talking about?
I have used 1MB Trident and CyrusLogic ISA  cards
and a 2MB Grapics Blaster (PCI) as well.

Hope This Helps


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