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Re: SV: SV: Unable to install - black screen

> Thanks! What you wrote does make a lot of sense. At least now I understand
> what is going on, and I have started backing things up!!
> I guess I was under the impression that Linux had a hard time dealing with
> PCI card (for example, pci modems), but this of course would not necessarily
> include PCI graphic cards.

Most PCI modems I believe are ugghh winmodems.

> Yes, there are places where we can test hardware here in Denmark, but they
> are rather expensive, so I will try to find someone who has a computer with
> an AGP slot, that way I can see if the problem is the card or the slot. I
> sure hope it's the card!

I thought that might be the case.

> The place where I usually buy computer parts doesn't have Trident Graphic
> cards. They do however have the Matrox Millenium G200 PCI graphic card - I
> believe that is one of the cards that does work right off with Linux. I may
> also actually have someone I know go to Frys (in California) and buy a card
> for me - it would probably be cheaper (even with postage!) than buying it
> here in Denmark!

I was merely letting you know what has worked with me. Video cards are
almost as sensitive a choice here as politics.

> Thanks for your help, cross your fingers it's the card and not the slot on
> the MB!
> Marie-Thérèse

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