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Re: Has any one sucessfully installed XFree4 rpms

Raymond Kutai wrote:
> May not be a good one, but seems to work.
> uninstall all previous XFree86 < 4.0
> XF86 4.0 relocate some directories to /etc
> then backup old XF86Config
> run xf86config
> need to rebuild XF86Config in order for X server to start
> old XF86Config doesn't quite work
> >From: Kevin_Saenz dell com
> >
> >Hi all,
> >
> >has any sucessfully installed the rpms for XFree86 4 on Riva TNT chipset?
> >I have a Riva TNT card and would like to configure it
> >to run on my system.

Kevin, what rpms ate you using?
The ones from rawhide worked OK for me.

I agree with Raymond though, remove the 3.x.x rpms first.
You'll need to use the -nodeps switch.
XFree4.0 also need some other/newer libs (ncurses I think)

You may need to use -nodeps to install too.
I'm using the XFree86*-4.0-0.8 rpms from rawhide
(ftp://rawhide.redhat.com or a mirror) and NVIDIA's
drivers with my TNT2-M64. 
I've heard the latest ones have issues (newer glibc and such)
so try the -0.8 builds first.


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