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Re: help: newbie must install qmail on redhat 6.1 machine !!!

On Wed, 31 May 2000, Edward Nainggolan wrote:

> If I want to build a mail server, is it enough just installing Qmail on 
> Linux RedHat 6.1 ???
> My client on the internal network using MS-Windows95/98/NT and MS-Outlook 
> Express.
> I already have install Qmail on my system, but it isn't work well.

Could you please tell what the problem is exactly, then we might be able
to help you...

> What HOWTO's that <exactly> I must follow if I using Linux RedHat 6.1 for my 
> mail server machine???

Well getting qmail installed isn't really hard, *but* please make sure you
read all the doc's about installing qmail which come with the qmail
package...the files are INSTALL.* etc...and the README files of course...

> Should I install Fetchmail, Procmail, Qpopper, or etc....???

Having fetchmail installed is a good idea as you can then retreive the
mail from any mail server you wish and get it deliverd to your local
> Thank's a lot for all of you...

Please do tell what is the difficulty you had with installing qmail, then
we can help you to install this great package!


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