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On 04-Oct-2000 Kalum Somaratna aka Grendel spoke something to the effect:
> On  Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Uncle Meat said the following magic words,
>> >| 
>> >| Sytem-wide, /etc/profile is the place.
>> > 
>> > Hell NO!!
>> > 
>> > This is a _personal_ setting. Put it in your personal .profile (or
>> > root's
>> > since you're root at the time).
>> Hell YES, if you ARE the system (root, user, administrator, etc). That
>> makes it a _PERSONAL_ choice that affects ALL users.
>:) Hmm...that would be nasty indeed..BTW you might have read too many of
> the Bastard operator from Hell (BOFH) articles :) 
> Well I think even if you are the sysadmin you should put it in
> /root/profile.
> And please consider this, my favourite editor is Emacs, but I doubt many
> of my users will be happy with a 30MB editor loading up by default
> eveytime they wanted to change a simple file just because *I* like emacs
> and I set the EDITOR variable to emacs globaly. And also consider emacs
> poping up everytime the EDITOR variable is used will increses the systems
> load too.
> I hope you made the above statement as a joke, as I dont seriously think
> that any sysadmin should try to enforce his or her personal preferences
> upon users, ie he should be quite fexible and accomadating to the users.

This is the last I'll add, since these things take on a life of their own.

I am the sysadmin. I am root. I am the sole user on the system. I have
added other users with limited permissions to perform limited tasks. I AM
ALL THERE IS ON THIS SYSTEM. That is, unless someone breaks into it, in
which case I could care less what they like or don't like.

Under these circumstances I find it pointless to create a separate login
profile for each and every user (ME) that is going to log in and do things.
Under these circumstances, the only way that makes sense it to satisfy all
of the users on this system with one single change. Every single solitary
user on thsi system is ME, MYSELF or I. I make every effort to satisfy all
of those persons. We have come to the UNANIMOUS AGREEMENT that EVERYONE
will use emacs by default.

Good enough?

The computer revolution is over. The computers won.

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