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Re: "probing PCI hardware" hang


I find it hard to believe that gateway would not incorporate
backwards/legacy-support into their systems.  A system that
doesn't immediately support alternate operating systems becomes a
serious liability and puts a corporation at a serious
disadvantage with the competition.

If I were them, I'd be paying very much attention to
this fault with their systems.  For the record, Gateway supports
Linux somewhat for their server-class products--or at least they
did for Kernel versions 2.0.X.

But there is a slim possibility that your BIOS is simply
misconfigured.  You should go through the BIOS configuration,
disable the plug N' play features, and manually set the I/O
address spaces and IRQs when-ever and where-ever you can.
Sometimes something may immediately catch your attention, so
it's worth a shot, IMHO.

If reconfiguring your BIOS doesn't work, then gateway should be
willing to at least give you the non-OEM BIOS software that you
want, or at least help you find it.  It's the least they can do,
in lieu of shunning potentially millions of linux users.


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