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Re: Can Anybody tell me how to configure my nameserver

robin nayathodan wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anybody tell me how will configure my nameserver
> for the following....
> I have a domain say bombay.com with the ip
> this server acts as a mail,web and ftp
> server
> and also it has multiple domains for the same ip which
> will have all of the following.
> How will configure this...

What you're talking about is virtual hosting.  There are actually
several ways of accomplishing this.  Which one would work best
for you depends a little on exactly what you intend to offer.
Each service's configuration for virtual hosting is different.
Apache, Sendmail, QMail, ftpd, and DNS all have to be correctly
configured.  I would suggest reading the man pages of all the
services involved, as well as some of the following links before
getting started.  Then, try to setup first DNS and make sure
it is working right (whether you choose to use IP aliasing or
not).  After that, take each service one at a a time.
Whether you use sendmail or qmail may matter as well.

Here is some of the more relevant info:

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

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