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Re: Win2000 and Samba

If you are using Win2000 for your PDC, you will need to run it in
mixed or legacy mode.  Can NT clients join the domain?

That error message is usually the result of not creating a
workstation account before trying the "smbpasswd -j".  Make
sure the machine name matches the account as well.
Also, check the "password server" setting in smb.conf.
Either list your PDC for it, or "*", which should find the
PDC for the domain (as defined by the "workgroup" in smb.conf).

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

Matthew Halliday wrote:
> Back again -
> OK.  I've run the smbpasswd -j DOMAIN, I've changed the security = user
> to domain, turned off the PDC settings in smb.conf, and I got a message
> saying:
> connection refused, unable to connect to SMB server on <server>
> FAILED_TRUST_ACCOUNT_PASSWD: failed to change passwd for domain
> I've got an account set up for the server, but where do I go from
> there.  Dear old MS (bless 'em) don't give ANY hints in their 2000
> books, and the 2000 Active dir is very different from NT 4.
> HELP!!!!
> thanx
> Matt

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