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RE: Multiple IPs and Masquerading ...

First thing you will want to do is upgrade your kernel.  There are serious
security issues with your current revision.

Jamin W. Collins
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Subject: Multiple IPs and Masquerading ...

Hi all,

Mod_ssl doesn't work with name based Virtual Hosts ...So I plan
to move to IP based Virtual Hosting .

My apache( Testing ) box doubles as a router for my LAN -

eth0 -
eth1 -

On the gateway box

eth0 -
ppp0 - dynamic Live IP

Suppose I add 3-4 IPs to eth0 on the apache box, would it affect masq in
any way ? Because the last thing I'd want is to have MOD_SSL work AND have
NO net access !! FYI i am using 2.2.14-5.0 .



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