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Re: Duplicate copies of emails

On  Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Peter Loo immortalised himself by saying...

> Hi,
> Am I the only one receiving duplicate copies of the all emails posted to
> "redhat-install-list redhat com"?

I am not receiving duplicate emails, so could your problem possibly be
because you may have subscribed more than one email address to the list? i
also see that you have a lot of email addreses so this might be a likely

Or you may have inadvartently subscribed the same address twice, although
on a well configured list this wont have any effect, on a misocnfigured
list like this where so many knowledgable people are having problems with
the list like unsubscribing etc this also might have caused you to receive
duplicate mails, so you might want to see wether this is the case. 

Best Wishes,

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