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Re: Making Room for Linux w/Windows98

Yuo can run Partiton Magic from bootable floppies.

Paul Anderson

Mark Knecht wrote:

> Yep - I use System Commander 2000 (same company) and have had very good
> luck.
> Please keep in mind (if you get this product) that the company is VERY
> consumer Windows oriented and pretty much requires that you have System
> Commander installed in a Win 98/ME partition. When they come out with
> patches/updates, they are DOS based and generally can't be run from a Linux
> or Win NT partition. If you install SC2K in a DOS partition, then your into
> file split/rebuild because the patches are usually larger than you can get
> on a floppy.
> Mark Knecht
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> Subject: Re: Making Room for Linux w/Windows98
> Partition Magic will allow you to resize partitions.  It is the way I always
> do this.
> Paul Anderson
> Brian Mitchell wrote:
> I've run scandisk and defragged the harddrive (10 Gig) on my Windows98
> machine. Next I made a boot disk and copied the FIPS files to it as well.
> Then, I ran FIPS, but cannot complete the operation because apparently the
> last sector of my harddrive contains a hidden system file. From c:, I
> searched for both image.idx and/ mirorsav.fil and neither were found (I
> don't think I use IMAGE or MIRROR anyway). Also, I searched for all of the
> hidden files and a long list was displayed. In the FIPS documentation, I
> read that the defrag program will not always move the Windows Swap file. How
> do I go about moving/uninstalling it in Windows98 (assuming that's the
> problem)? If that's not it, what generic hidden files might I be able to
> remove? Thanks in advance,Brian
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