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Re: Pine

On  Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Mugleston, Brad immortalised himself by saying...

> When I try to send and email from home (brad myhouse net) through my ISP my
> real address doesn't get attached (muglesto megsinet net) so my email
> bounces because there isn't a myhouse.net out there (funny it bounces things
> back to me at home fine).

You can ask your MTA (sendmail, qmail whatever) to rewrite the headers, so
that any instance of brad myhouse net, is replaced with
muglesto megsinet net 

Is that solution acceptable to you?
> This is the change I've made - I get into Setup and Rule then I change my
> >From address to muglesto megsinet net 
> Anyone have any ideas  I really want to get rid of the local (home) network
> addresses if at all possible.

The header rewriting is a simple thing to implement, the MTA's
documentation should provide this info, but if you are running sendmail
its best to ask someone on this list howto do it, as configuring sendmail
is a PITA, without help from someone.

I have forgotten much of the sendmail that I learnt looong ago ;) (I am a
qmail man now)  So I am afraid that I cant help you on how to make this
simple change if your MTA is sendmail.

Best Wishes,

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