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Re: Installing Linux on an old 486 compaq laptop

I'd recommend an old version of Linux.  Keep in mind that not much fits
in 80MB.  Newer kernel versions require lots of RAM.

Take a look at old mirrors of RH or slackware.  4MB RAM isn't lots of
headrom, either. From a RedHat perspective, you'll have to go back at
least as far as RH 4.2, perhaps further.

Alternatively, you might look at some floppy-based distributions, and
add things from there.  I doubt any version of X will fit on that box. 

Another idea would be to find a way to use that machine as an Xterm -
storing binaries on another network attached machine to overcome the
80MB limitation - perhaps qnx has something that might help in this

Hope this helps.

Tom Cooper

Marie-Thérèse Lorentzen wrote:
> Hi!
> A friend's 16 year-old would like to put his old 486 Compaq laptop (with
> only has 80 MB on it's hard drive, no CD-ROM and 4MB RAM) back into use
> again. He's never tried Linux and would like to try it on the laptop.
> Has anyone had any luck installing Linux on an older Compaq laptop? Does
> anyone have any suggestions as to which version Linux he should use?
> Where can it be found? Any ideas as to what kind of problems he could
> run into?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks!
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