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Dual or Single CPU?

This is sort of related to Colin's earlier post -- regarding the specs for
his new workstation.  I'm just curious whether -- for the same price -- it
is better to get 1 top-of-the-line cpu (in his case a 933MHz Xeon) or 2
lesser cpus (say, PIII 800 MHz).

I know this depends on intended application.  Let's say one wanted to run
dual OS's using VMWare.  I would tend to think that dual cpu's would be
better, but don't know enough about smp -- especially in Linux -- to know
for sure.

Any thoughts?  I'm just curious -- want to learn more about smp in Linux.


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On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Colin J. Raven wrote:

> Anyone from RedHat care to comment on this one?
> There's a $5500 workstation on hold until we can successfully resolve this
> issue.
> Regards,
> -Colin

Hey... read my other posts... <grin>

I have the Precision 420 here wiht the 32 MEg G400.  the original mga
driver didnt work too well with the card.  I was forced to use X
3.3.6.  there is a new driver
http://www.matrox.com/mga/support/drivers/files/linux_03.cfm here!!

I found it!!!

from the matrox site:
This driver is based on the open source development being done within the
XFree86 Project. The driver remains unmodified, with the exception of the
display adapter initialization, which has been replaced with a closed
source Matrox library. This special library enables features such as
DualHead, TV out, and support for digital flat panel monitors.

The readme included instructions for gettiung DRI and multihead working as

I feel much better now that i have found htat driver again.


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