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Re: Dual or Single CPU?

On  Sat, 28 Oct 2000, David E. Fox commented thusly,

> > Some of the most heavily used servers I know run on single cpu's (athlon
> > 800 mhz IIRC at mame.dk (a site for downloading roms for xmame).
> A busy ftp site (or other server) needs more RAM and bandwidth, not 
> necessarily a lot of CPU. 

Agreed, it is the RAM that is probably the most important factor for heavy
> > If you have the cash it is in the long run worthwhile buying a good Athlon
> > running around  1 Ghz...that should be ok for most people.
> Maybe. If you wait long enough for the 1GHZ prices to drop, you'll
> want a 1.5 GHZ cpu (or even better) and those will be even more
> expensive. And as Matt suggests, the price curve goes up rapidly as
> your speed goes up -- that 1GHZ is >$500 - and the price/performance
> ratio isn't all that good. The salient point of course is the bigger a
> speed jump you are considering, the longer it may be before you have
> to consider another big speed increase. 

Yes, but I think the choice also depends on what kind of software you plan
on running too. If you plan to play games then you probably will be better
of buying a 1GHz cpu, although it is more costly it should keep you
comfortable for 2-3 years IMHO.

>Hell, I went from a 386sx/16 to a pentium-100. I thought
> at the time that the speed increase was so dramatic I wasn't going to
> have to upgrade for a long time. Four years later, it's pretty slow.

Well I actually made a jump from a 486dx2 with 8 mb ram (yes I was still
using it in 1998!) to a Athlon 500 mhz with 64 Mb ram about 1 year ago,
and I was shocked by speed increase, still the CPU is more than adequate,
but as you said its the ram that causes the speed bottlenecks.

Best Wishes,

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"Linux was made by foreign terrorists to take money from true US companies
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