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Problems with FTP and RH7.0


This is weird.  We recently installed RH7.0 on a Penguin Computing box and
all seems to work, except the FTP server.  Simple FTP client programs like
Windows FTP from the command shell or Linux FTP from the shell are able to
login onto the RH7.0 box fine, but newer GUI-based FTP clients seem to have
a problem and lock up while issuing the "PWD" command to the server.

We're running WU_FTP on the RH 7.0 server.

What works:
	Windows shell FTP
	Linux shell FTP

What doesn't work:
	Windows Exceed FTP
	Macintosh Fetch FTP
	Windows WS_FTP

Now this is REALLY wierd.  It has nothing to do with the FTP access files in
/etc or permissions (they look fine) or entries in the password file (since
login succeeds but the PWD command times out).

It looks like the PWD command handling on the server may have a problem
since all this worked fine under RH6.2.

Any ideas?

- John

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