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Re: Damming Indicmentof RMS by Ulrich Drepper (GLibc lead developer)

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 05:57:26AM +0600, Kalum / Grendel <kalum delrom ro> wrote:
| Ulrich Drepper the lead developer for glibc, has in the end of the
| latest announcement
| <http://news.linuxprogramming.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2001-08-16-002-06-LT>
| exposed RMS for the utterly unreasonable twisted creature that he is.
| I would like to exceprt certain sections which are most relevant for us
| (programmers).
|                          This part has a morale, too, and it is almost the
| same: don't trust this person.  Read the licenses carefully and rip out
| parts which give Stallman any possibility to influence your future.
| Phrases like
|                             [...] GNU Lesser General Public License as
| published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the
| License, or (at your option) any later version.
| just invites him to screw you when it pleases him.  Rip out the "any later
| version" part and make your own decisions when to use a different license
| since otherwise he can potentially do you or your work harm.

This piece above is utter bollocks.

Were it lacking the "(at your option)" you would be correct .But it
does not lack that, so you can use whatever version you like, save that
you can't go backwards from whatever version you pick. In no way could
this be construed to force you to a later revision of the licnece.

Truly, labelling one's project "GNU This" or "GNU That" is asking for
trouble; 'gnu' is very strongly associated with FSF and RMS, and rightly
so. Why anyone would label their own work so without intending to be
one with the FSF efforts is beyond me.

Ulrich's position is, of course, more tricky since he's starting with a
GNU product (glibc) and moving on to a fresh porting effort. Harder to
say where to stand if he want to keep using the "GNU" label (for obvious
identification reasons if nothing else).
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