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Re: Sound Module Loading

Chris wrote:

I have done a standard RedHat 7.2 install on a system with no sound
card.    The system is used in a data processing environment and will
not ever get a sound card.  After I boot and look at /var/log/messages
there is a error that says "modprobe can't load sound-slot....."  Also,
at system shutdown I get the same message and gives me a fail.   There
is nothing in /etc/modules.conf about a sound card and dmesg doesn't say
anything about it either.  To get rid of the error I had to put " alias
soundcore off" in modules.conf. After this is done everything seems

My question is, why am I getting the error in the first place?  Is it a
result of a probe at boot time?
Also, is the fix I performed acceptable or is there a better way?

That's absolutely legitimate, although you could simply remove or
comment out references to sound hardware in /etc/modules.conf.  You
may want to check /etc/sysconfig/hwconf and delete references to
AUDIO, too.

I'm surprised that sound was even installed if there's no sound
hardware.  Perhaps kudzu made a mistake?
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