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Re: How good *is* WINE really?

On  Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Art Ross commented thusly,

> Yes you can work Windows tasks in the background as you do something else in
> Linux.  This has been a blessing for us while using VMware at Sinclair
> College.  VMware will really push the system resources so I have found myself
> beginning a Windows task, use the Hot Keys to return to Linux and conduct some
> System Administration tasks or other.

What kind of hardware do you need to run vmawre comfortably, I have a
Athlon 500 Mhz, with 128 mb ram, will that be enough? I am curious about
your experiences/hardware using vmware since I havent tried it myself. How
does it work out in real terms, ie how does a standard setup like
win98+microcrap office run under vmware+linux.

About Wine, it too is making giant leaps and bounds and it is worth taking
a look at it, it can run many windoze programs well, actually the older
the program is the more chance that wine will run it properly.

Best Wishes,

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