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Re: PCMCIA Adaptec 1460 SCSI

On Monday 12 February 2001 10:10, Werner Kliewer opined:
> I have installed RedHat 7.0 respin clean on the laptop I previously had
> RedHat 5.2. When very smoothly. Picked up my PCMCIA TokenRing
> network card no problem. When I stick in my Adaptec 1460 (AHA152x
> driver) it gets recognized OK, but then the interrupt is lost. Here are
> the messages:
> aha152x: processing commandline: ok
> aha152x: BIOS test: passed: detected 1 controller(s)
> aha152x0: vital data: PORTBASE=0x340, IRQ=5, SCSI ID=7, reconnect
> enabled, parity=enabled, synchronous=disabled, delay=100, extended
> translation=disabled
> aha152x: trying software interrupt, lost.
> aha152x: IRQ 5 possibly wrong. Please verify.
> scsi: 0 hosts
> How do I specify a different interrupt for a PCMCIA SCSI card? I tried
> putting it in modules.conf, and I tried putting it in /etc/pcmcia/config.
> Either I did it wrong or there is something else I am missing. When I try
> the card in my newer Windows 2000 laptop, the card comes up on IRQ 7.

IRQ 5 for those is wierd. It's normally 9-12. That may be why it's losing 
the interrupt in the first place.

Reboot, at the prompt, type:

	linux aha152x=0x340,11,7,1

It _should_ work, unless something else is fixed hard on IRQ 11. If so, you 
might need to try the others in the range.

An alternative method is to look at /proc/interrupts and see which in the 
range 9-12 is open and try using that where the 11 is.

Once one of those works, add it into lilo.conf and modules.conf (though 
theoretically this shouldn't be needed) and make an initial ramdisk (man 
mkinitrd). Rerun lilo and see if that takes care of the problem

If _NONE_ of those attempts fixes it, I'm completely at a loss and/or outta 
my league.

That worked perfectly for both ZIP SCSI and 1460 cards for me and a couple 
of others in the past.

This is my brain... This is... WAIT! WHERE'S MY BRAIN?

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