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Re: apache RPM

BOth emails responding are right, but more like Microsoft answers than good
Linux answers:

The site home pages are in /var/www/html and you'd put 'home' pages in
~/public_html, where ~ = the home directory of the user.
I.e: /home/user1/public_html

The config files are in /etc/httpd/conf

By default, the manual goes in /var/www/html/manual and is not installed. I
think I've never opened the manual and just used HOWTOs, which would be a
good place to learn all of this.

Good luck,

Karl L. Pearson
Senior Consulting Systems Analyst
Senior Consulting Database Analyst
karlp ourldsfamily com

On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Jerry Lake wrote:

I just installed the apache 1.3.12 RPM
from my redhat 7 disc. where does it
put the files? and how do I start it?
I cant seem to find apchectl - start ?

Jerry Lake            - jerryl europa com
Web Designer
Europa Communications - http://www.europa.com
Pacifier Online	    - http://www.pacifier.com

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