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Re: lost Win98 after installing RH7 Linux

I ran into this a year or two ago and it had me totally stumped for the
longest time.  It turned out that the partition had been turned hidden.
Make sure the partition is visible and is the active or boot partition.

- John

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

> 		Hi Paul,
> > I just installed RH7 on a working computer that already had a working
> > W98 operating system.  Can no longer get W98 to boot (even though lilo
> > gives me the options).  Curser just sits there blinking.  Can no longer
> > boot from any of the W98 startup or emergency disks either. Linux works
> > ok.
>  Can you mount the windows partitions from linux? Are they still there? Maybe 
> you set the bootable flag for the linux boot partition? Wubdows really needs 
> its partition's bootable flag to be set to be able to boot.
>  A windows emergency disk should get you a dos prompt whatsoever. This has 
> nothing to do with the state of the harddisk. Try restoring the windows mbr 
> with fdisk /mbr and making the C: partition bootable with a sys c:, *after* 
> you created a boot floppy for your linux system, to see if the partitions are 
> still there. Maybe you did a server install and didn't pay attention when it 
> told you it was about to destroy anything on the harddisk?
> 					Bye,
> 					Leonard.
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-- John

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