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Re: installing RH 7

thanks you all from answering, but problem still remains.  i use besides those soyo mb with sis 530 chip amd k6-2 475 cpu, atapi cd-rom, ide hdd with enough empty room, ati vga (there is also sis vga on the motherboard but disabled) - as i understand they are all compatible with redhat 7.0.  is there any kind of conflict between those two vga's, or is it in the bios settings.       i know it's not very clear explanation here, but its 2 am  :)   
install just won't go further than language selection, than drops. it detects cd-rom and hdd, keyboard, mouse and others.. it doesnt go also with text mode, not with expert mode ..
so, how can i get it work? i'm afraid i have some kind of spell on me (M$ won't let go :) , and could use some magic..

best for you,

amd cpu user since last century     

    I've installed Fisher, earlier versions of Mandrake and Red Hat on my
(Acer motherboard, AMD k2/500). Perhaps it isn't the motherboard or CPU.
A more precise explanation, and some info on your hardware setup might give
a better clue to the cause of your problem.


                Elton Woo  ;-)

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"If you continue running Windows, your system may become unstable"

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