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Re: lost Win98 after installing RH7 Linux

Paul Chapman wrote:
> I just installed RH7 on a working computer that already had a working
> W98 operating system.  Can no longer get W98 to boot (even though lilo
> gives me the options).  Curser just sits there blinking.  Can no longer
> boot from any of the W98 startup or emergency disks either. Linux works
> ok.

If Linux works ok, re-check your /etc/lilo.conf and see if your W98
entry is ok. After you check it, run /sbin/lilo again. You should get
something like: * linux addes, dos added (* stands for what entry is
default one). Case it doesn' help, try to boot with DOS diskete having
FDISK.EXE on it. Enter fdisk /mbr to remove lilo from mbr. After you get
W98 booting, boot Linux again with linux diskette and perform once again
from the beginning of this paragraph.


P.S. How did you make repartitioning your disk? I used PQ Magic for

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