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RE: Converting MS Outlook mail to Linux (ouch)

see mini-howto at www.linuxdoc.org

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I hate to appear harsh, but after having thought I explained this a day or
so ago, I have to say, "You are wrong."

I've done it.

Don't use export.

Create an IMAP account on a Linux mail server and then move the folders
containing the emails you want to keep using simple drag and drop
techniques from the POP account to the IMAP account.

Folders are created, populated and then removed.

If you get an error saying that not all the messages could be moved and
the folder isn't empty and can't be deleted, you move the last email, then
delete the folder.

End of story.

I'll try to calm down now. For a minute there I thought I was dealing with
one of the "users" in my office.

Karl L. Pearson
Senior Consulting Systems Analyst
Senior Consulting Database Analyst
karlp ourldsfamily com

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, John Nelson wrote:


Well this is pretty much what I expected.  Microsoft Outlook provides no
support to export mail from Outlook into a flat file format.  You can
export to Excel which might be parsable by a Linux mailer but I'll have to
do some investigation on that.

You can also export to various database formats but the problem with this
is again, you need a Linux mailer which can read dBase or Access or
FoxPro, etc.

(anyone know of Linux programs that will import XLS or database files into
Balsa for example?)

One thing is very clear... when you export personal folders or
contact/addressbook information, there is no option for exporting
subfolders so you have to manually export each of these personal folders
one ... at ... a ... time.  Another disincentive to leave the Microsoft
Collective, but I don't care if I do have to put in some additional
work.... I'm getting out of this mess.

-- John

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