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Re: Newbie question

I presume you can't boot from CD.  Just mount the first disk using

 mount /dev/cdrom

If running GNOME, it will probably be mounted as
soon as you put it in the drive.  Put a formatted floppy disk in the
floppy drive.  Then

 cd /mnt/cdrom/images

and make a boot disk this way:

 dd if=boot.img of=/dev/fd0

Then reboot, select a "text" install, and later select "upgrade"
rather than install workstation or install server.

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 01:38:14PM -0600, Mat Budzynski wrote:
> This is a very newbie question.  I hope I'm at the right place.
> I recently installed 7.0 on my OLD Compaq laptop.  Everything seems OK, 
> except for not detecting modem or sound card.  I haven't had much time to 
> work on that.
> I recently receivec the 7.1 upgrade discs.  The question is: How do I 
> proceed with the upgrade?  In other operating systems, one might close the 
> CD-ROM drive and everything proceeds automatically.  What do I need to do in 
> Redhat 7.0 to upgrade to 7.1?
> Thanks.
> --Mat Budzynski

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