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Re: IDE - thanks

"Mugleston, Brad" wrote:
> Doing a search on the web for HTP366 took me to a site that talked about
> dealing with the HTP366 card and older Linux (pre 2.4).  I had the option of
> downloading some patches or just telling Linux how to handle that card on
> boot so at the boot prompt I typed in
> Linux ide1=0xded8,0xdcd2,11 ide2=0xdcc8,0xdcd6,11
> and it booted and recognized my two CDROM's (look in /var/log/messages)

Figured there ws something out ther. Just didn't get a chance to look.
Glad it's working. Upgrading to RHL-7.0 or a 2.4 kernel
would give you better performnce with that chip. The kernel
upgrade will require several other updates though, like
modutils and binutils.

> Question - lets say I would have gone into my /usr/share/pci.ids to add
> Device id=4 and referenced it to my Device id=3.   Would that have worked or

Would ONLY affect the output of the lspci. that's all that
uses the file. /proc/pci is set when you compile the kernel,
using a similar, but different file.


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