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Re: Install from download Seawolf ISO's

tazmun wrote:
> I was able to make a bootable disc out of the Seawolf ISO downloads.  I used
> CDR-WIN in Win 2k, at least out of the first disc and they seem to be valid
> CD's.  However when booting from disc 1, on the second line it has an
> error"can't find kernel".  So far no one has addressed this that I'm aware

The disks I downloaded and burned work fine, including booting.
What's the first line?
I created my discs with cdrecord  and the boot fine.

If the disk won't boot, try using rawwrite (or dd) to create
the boot floppy.

> of.  Please help.  I'm wondering if the Seawolf ISO's are standalone capable
> of setting up Red Hat.  Reviews at C-Net claim that you cannot download the
> entire RedHat Distro and use it?????  or was my download corrupt somewhere?

I keep hearing this.
The only stuff you cannot download is the stuff Red Hat
cannot distribute for free. Disk-1, Disk-2, the DOC-disk,
the PowerTools-disk, and the DMA disk with CPAN and other stuff
is the same as in the boxed version you buy Retail.

See http://www.redhat.com/products/software/linux/rhl_compare.html

So you can download all of the "Standard" version plus the 
"PowerTools CD" and the "Developer Module Archive" from the
"Professional" version.

What you cannot download is from the "Deluxe" version:
"Workstation Applications CD" and "Loki® Games CD" 
Or those and the"Server Applications CD" from the "Professional"

> I have to have friend with broadband access download them for and he lives a
> considerable distance so I hate repeating something that is doomed to
> fail???

Try checking the MD5 checksums on the images you downloaded.


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