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Re: configuring cable internet

Ali Nayeri wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm a new user and am frustrated by the fact that I can't configure my @Home
> cable connection in RH 7.1 . I don't know how it should be done.  I am on
> Shaw Home service.  If anyone knows how this is to be done, please help me.
> Thanks
> Ali Nayeri
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The most important thing here is, do you have a dynamic or static connection?
Did @home give you a IP and DNS #  , like
I have @home (static) and Linux works fine,
 You can try the command /sbin/dhcpd and see if that will connect, if it does
you have a dynamic connection.
If you want you can email me with that info and I will help you get connected.

mickeyboa home com

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