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Need updated drivers

NEED UPDATED DRIVER FOR MY SOUND CARD, you can read the following info so
you can get a better idea of what's going on, and find  the name of the
sound card somewhere half way through this email.

After fighting to get my sound card working properly ( since December ) with
either rh71 or rh73, I'm getting sick of it.  The only way I can make it
work is to manually set it up every time it restarts since all settings get
changed after reboot.  It sees the card ok in the sound setup, but it has a
problem access /dev/audio, so it goes into manual config in which I need to
change the irq and dma's every single time ( it doesn't keep changes ) it
works for the rest of the session and it doesn't in the next restart.
After trying everything I could think of or that could be pointed to me on
this list, still no luck.  I think I need to update the drivers, but of
course the manufacturer only offers Windows drivers for the card.

I got it to manually work using the Mad16 ( Mozart/MAD16 (OPTi 82C928) ),
I/O port 0x530 (default), IRQ 7 ( needed to change from 5 to 7), and DMA 1 &
2 set to 1 instead of 0.

Here is the name of the sound card as rh73 sees it
TeleVideo Audio:MPU401
TeleVideo Audio: OPTi Audio 16

In "Device Informaiton" show in the "hardware browser" it says
Manufacturer: Unknown
Driver: mad16
Device: N/A

And it shows me the Game Port and the IDE CD connection under "Unknown
Devices", but the game port is assinged  "ns558" as a driver.

OK, Can anyone point me to a website that provides updated versions for
sound card drivers.  I did find a few websites but it didn't help.

I would really appreciate your help



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