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Network Configuration problem

This morning I was able to access the Internet from both computers (RH7.2 and Win98) at home using LinkSys DSL router (BEFSR41).
Then I decided to change some very trivial things like hostname and domain name from RH network configurator. Now my RH cannot access the Internet anymore :(

Through the LinkSys router interface, I set up:

- the router IP address (this was the default)
- Obtain an IP Address Automatically (this was the default)
- enabled PPPoE

On my RH7.2 box, I did the following:

- Through Internet Configuration Wizard, I created an xDSL connection using my login name and password to my ISP.
- Through Network Configuration, I set up the local hostname (redhat), domain(WORKGROUP), ip address (, subnet mask (, and default gateway ( for this machine. eth0 is also set up to be activated when computer starts.

- installed PPPoE (downloaded from Roaring Penguin)
- At first, ppp0 started fine when I typed 'adsl-start' and I was able to connect to the Internet. Now I cannot start this anymore. I get an error when booting
Bringing up interface ppp0: ..........TIMED OUT
/usr/sbin/adsl-start: line 194: 2488 Terminated
$CONNECT "$@" >/dev/null 2>&1

My kernet IP routing table looks like this:

Destination    Gateway     Genmask        Flags  Iface  U      eth0      U      lo        UG     eth0

My Win98 is working fine and I am able to connect to the Internet.

I am not sure if I am giving enough info to describe my problem. If I am missing something, please let me know.

Could any of you please give me some hint why my RH box cannot access the Internet anymore? I tried to figure this out by myself. But it is too hot at home w/o AC and I am kind of exhausted after trying all day long today.

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