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RedHat 7.3 fails to activate 3c905-TX NIC

My install of RedHat 7.3 seemed to go pretty well, it's very impressive actually. However, it does not want to load the NIC, it's always inactive (this is the only item during boot time that fails, instead of [OK] it says [Failed] or whatever it is, I'm vague as I've only seen it once, that's how new I am to leenooks <g>.)

This is a 3Com 3c905-TX NIC. I looked in /etc/modules.conf and saw an entry 

alias eth0 3c59X

When I look into Nautilus, Network Device Control, it's listed as 3c905-TX but inactive.

So, failing to find a solution to this in this lists archives, I'd like to ask for a pointer. The card is known to be good unless it just croaked.


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